Volatility and resilience: Lessons from the corner shop diaries research in Nigeria
By Rahul Chatterjee, Mhlalisi Ncube, Anne Marie Van Swinderen  /  February 25, 2021
‘Surviving a pandemic’: Five key insights from the Corner Shop Diaries research in India and Indonesia
By Rahul Chatterjee, Anant Tiwari, Manoshij Banerjee, Rahmatika Febrianti, Ira Aprilianti, Yani Parasti Siregar  /  February 22, 2021
The CornerShop Diaries project
By L-IFT and MSC  /  February 22, 2021
The reality of Covid-19 for a restaurant in Zimbabwe
By Mhlalisi Ncube & Percy Ndlovu  /  February 22, 2021
Field Researcher Experience – The Corner shop diaries project
By Sithokozile Moyo - Field Researcher (L-IFT)  /  February 22, 2021
CornerShop Podcasts
By L-IFT and MSC  /  February 15, 2021
Getting behind the corona statistics: How a small shopkeeper took on the pandemic
By Rahul Chatterjee, with additional material from Stuart Rutherford and Md Kalim Ullah of the Hrishipara Daily Diaries Project.  /  February 14, 2021